There are many strategies to consider to help reduce your tax liability, and it is important to understand Australian legislative requirements before pursuing a particular strategy.

While we believe it is important to reduce taxation wherever possible, we help our clients with longer-term and broader financial planning. Our philosophy is to develop a strategy to create wealth over a desired investment time frame.

Key considerations in effectively managing tax liability include:

  • Pre-tax (concessional) and other associated contributions to superannuation;
  • Gearing or leveraging into growth assets;
  • Salary packaging of cars or other employment benefits;
  • Personal risk insurance impacts – ensuring you have the right ownership structure;
  • Transition to retirement – reducing tax while continuing to work and building up superannuation benefits without changing your lifestyle;
  • Small business ownership – ensuring that your business structure is the right one for now and into the future;
  • Our proactive team of committed experts appreciate that the circumstances and objectives of each client differs. Using powerful financial models to determine which strategy creates the maximum after tax outcome, we will share our knowledge to ensure your wealth creation strategy represents the perfect fit.

To find out more about how we can help you to develop tax effective strategies, please email or call our Client Services team on (03) 8547 3000

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