We encourage all our clients to plan for their retirement sooner rather than later. By starting the conversation with us today, we can ensure that you’re on track to living the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of at the end of your working life. We begin by taking the time to understand the retirement goals that are important to you and to provide expert advice to develop and maintain a financial plan to help you meet your financial goals. These include:

  • Maintaining the lifestyle you want, whilst implementing an investment plan to target a comfortable retirement lifestyle in the future;
  • Maximising your sustainable retirement income, either from your assets, Centrelink entitlements or a combination of both;
  • Establish and/or review your investment strategy to achieve results targeted to your lifestyle and retirement goals;
  • Regularly track your retirement savings progress and provide detailed projections for your potential retirement position;
  • Assist in creating wealth leading into retirement and managing your debt situation;
  • Take advantage of tax effective financial strategies;
  • Protecting you and your family from the potential financial impact of unexpected events such as serious illness, injury, accidents or death.

To learn more about how we can provide the expert advice you’ll need to set yourself up for a comfortable life in retirement, please email admin@cygnetadvisory.com.au or call our Client Services team on (03) 8547 3000

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