At Cygnet Advisory, we firmly believe asset allocation is one of, if not the key driver, to achieving long-term wealth creation and capital security. Our focus is to ensure our clients’ portfolios are well positioned for the future, whilst also allowing for current market conditions, to drive tax effective outcomes specifically designed to meet our client’s personal needs and objectives.

Our Investment Philosophy

Simply put, our investment philosophy encompasses a stern and uncompromising focus on the following:

Quality – not quantity. Our research mandate is to be flexible and seek out the best investment opportunities in equity, property and fixed interest markets. Our clients only want to know about the best investments, not every investment. We seek out businesses with little or no debt, high rates of Return on Equity and sustainable competitive advantages.

Value – Intrinsic value of the business relevant to its trading price, not relevant to the market generally and or its peers. We simply aim to seek out and value the best quality stocks, and buy them when their share price is below their assessed value.

Diversification – amongst asset class, industry sector and market capitalisation. Through diversifying exposure across these investment spheres we aim to get the best out of the ‘risk/return relationship’ – minimise our client’s portfolio risk and volatility risk whilst maintaining positive return potential.

Time – or more accurately, timing. The old adage of ‘set and forget’ is not an investment strategy – just one of the hard lessons learnt through the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). We aim to take a proactive approach to ‘timing’ asset allocation and investment trading decisions based on current and forecast economic and financial market conditions.

Simplicity & Liquidity – Our approach with investments products is to favour the simple and liquid over the complex and structured. Timely access to your money, should it be required, is paramount!

To find out more about how we can assist you in getting the best out of your investment portfolio, please email or call our Client Services team on (03) 8547 3000

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