Let’s start with some sobering facts; Every working Australian has a 1 in 3 chance of becoming disabled through illness or injury for more than 3 months before turning age 65. For 70%, it will actually be caused by an illness as opposed to an injury. Each hour, around 40 new cancer cases are diagnosed in Australia.
Given these sorts of statistics, it makes no sense to build wealth and not protect it.

There are several different ways of protecting your money, and the strategy you need depends on where you are in your life. You might want to protect your income, your ability to earn, or the nest egg you’ve built up, and ensure that your affairs and the interests of your family are in order should the worst happen.

How Our Internal Insurance Specialists Can Help

We’ll analyse your insurance requirements, as well as your cashflow, so you can continue to fund your lifestyle whilst at the same time implementing the right cover for you inside and outside of superannuation.

Our internal insurance specialists can help you and your family by:

  • Structuring a comprehensive insurance structure to maximise tax effectiveness and incorporate your cashflow requirements;
  • Recommending the most appropriate and affordable insurance policies from top rating insurance providers;
  • Where possible, working with you to arrange insurance cover allowing for any existing medical conditions or less common employment arrangements;
  • Arranging insurance to meet the needs of business owners, and
  • Structuring ‘whole-of family’ insurance solutions within your SMSF to protect each generation – from young adults starting work, to young families, through to retirees.

Business Insurance Advice

We also have the knowledge and experience to provide expert independent advice to a range of business owners working in all sorts of industries. Whether you’re a self-employed tradesperson or a director of a company, we can assess your needs to ensure that both you and your business are structured appropriately. Where applicable, we can recommend insurance for your business, as part of your tailored wealth protection strategy.

To find out more about how we can help determine the right insurances for you, please email admin@cygnetadvisory.com.au or call our Client Services team on (03) 8547 3000

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